New Weight-Loss Drug Decreases Hunger

Bathroom scalesA new and potentially exciting weight-loss drug is on the horizon, but has not yet been approved by the FDA.  The compound, called Attiva, is a  superabsorbent hydrogel capsule which is made entirely from food components. 

Attiva is to be taken with water before mealtimes to induce satiety.  When the water mixes with the hydrogel, the substance expands to fill the stomach, making less room for food, causing the person to eat less. 

The material then passes to the smaller intestine, decreasing its volume and slowing the rate of sugar absorption, making for better glycemic control, according to the researchers who developed Attiva.  Finally, it degrades in the colon where it releases the absorbed liquids, and is elimated from the body in the stool.

So far, researchers have found Attiva to be safe and well-tolerated.  Gastrointestinal symptoms, particularly nausea, were the most common side effect occurring in 7.4% of patients taking the capsules.

Source:  Heshmati HM, et al “Attiva, a novel superabsorbent biodegradable hydrogel, increases the feeling of satiety in humans” AACE 2010; Abstract 605. 

Source: “AACE: New Hydrogel Diminishes Hunger”, MedPage Today, April 22, 2010 


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  1. 1Dawn

    This sounds exciting. I wonder how long before it becomes available?

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