Pleasant Music is Good for the Mind and Body

PianoListen to music you like for 15 to 20 minutes a day — and consider it a healthful a practice like regular exercise and a healthy diet, says Dr. Michael Miller from the Center for Preventive Cardiology, in an article by Health Day.

Involve your child in music on a daily basis, says the Nemours Foundation.  

A growing body of research is pointing to the healthful benefits of listening to pleasant music.  It has been found to help with such things as pain, stress, depression, intelligence, memory, and sleep to name a few.

One recent study found that soothing music was associated with a  reduction in heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure in patients with coronary heart disease. And another study found that music, like laughter, may benefit heart health. 

Music therapy is being used successfully with stroke patients. Finnish researchers recently found that listening to music for a few hours a day was associated with a stroke patient’s early recovery.

“Listening to music offers many benefits to children, research indicates. Musically inclined kids appear better at math and reading, have shown better focus, improved self-esteem and seem to play better with other children,” report experts in a recent article by Health Day. 

Much more research needs to be done, but the healthful benefits of music are surfacing in almost every area of our lives. 

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