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Marijuana use linked to deveopment of schizophrenia

A study involving new techniques for brain imaging strongly suggest that marijuana use is a risk factor for schizophrenia. Researchers have identified a brain region affected by both schizophrenia and marijuana use that is still developing during adolescence. This area is responsible for speech development, language interpretation and several other higher order functions. This language/auditory pathway continues to develop during adolescence, and is thus most susceptible to the neurotoxins introduced into the body through marijuana use.

via Radiological Society of North America

Nicotine replacement products such as patches carry no cancer risk

Nicotine itself is a stimulant and not a carcinogen. Cigarettes contain over 60 carcinogens, but nicotine is not one of them.¬†¬†According to a recent study, many people attempting to quit smoking are unaware of these facts about nicotine. Another common misconception is that so-called “light” cigarettes are better for them. “People smoke to get the drug nicotine, but a smoker actually inhales — along with the nicotine jolt — 4,000 other chemicals as an added-on bonus (including) things like formaldehyde, arsenic, ammonia, and carbon monoxide,” said Virginia Reichert, N.P., director of the Center for Tobacco Control at the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System in Great Neck, N.Y.

via Chest /MedPageToday, November 1, 2005