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October 2006
Green tea consumption is associated with reduced mortality from all causes as well as from cardiovascular (CV) disease

A recent large study of 40,530 Japanese adults aged 40-79 years found that drinking at least 5 cups per day of green tea (vs drinking <1 cup per day) was associated with:

  • 16% reduction in risk of all-cause death (12% for men, 22% for women)
  • 26% reduction in risk of CV death (22% for men, 31% for women)
  • 37% reduction in risk of stroke-related death (35% for men, 42% for women)
  • Other types of tea were not significantly associated with reduction in mortality.

These findings support evidence from previous animal studies indicating that green tea has cardioprotective properties.

Journal of the American Medical Association 2006; 296: 1255-65
--Written by N Thompson, ARNP September 2006

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